We Will All Live For Free In A Free World


My Googloos are awesome !
I love them !

A few years ago, I had some vision problems. Since health services are expensive these days, I turned to Googloo who got me glasses for free. In exchange, I just have to …. wear them!

Hahaha, what a cheap world we live in!

I know that my glasses are equiped with a location-tracker and a mini-camera : Googloo can track my location and check what I see in real time. They sell this service to governments : it’s a kind of crowdsourced surveillance.

Few years ago, when people started to feel overwhelmed with all the cameras watching them in the streets, Googloo came up with this nice, cheaper and efficient idea : everybody watching everybody through Googloo’s glasses. And since everybody loves « social experiences », it became a hit!

Don’t get me wrong : I’m proud to paticipate in making my country a safer place. Even more, I think it’s a citizen’s duty to wear Googloos !

But wait, there’s even more :
Not only they are free, but thanks to my Googloos, I can save money !

During the week ends, I use to wear my Googloo glasses, sit in front of my computer and watch a 5 minutes ads compilation. At the end, if Googloo confirms that my eyes were wide open and looking right at the screen during this whole process, I win the jackpot : 1$ discount on all the products and services I saw advertised !!!!

When I keep my Googloos everytime I use my laptop, tablet or mobile phone to go online, I get access to some AAAWESOMLY AWESOME discounts and other exclusive services !

Why ? Because thanks to my Googloos, those screens can anayze my retina, authentificate me and enable me to log into the web with my real identity. And I get access to those crazy offers just for being myself!

Aaaaaand, cause I’m a smart guy, I subscribed to the GANS (Googloo-Automatic-Networks-Sharing) and linked my real identity to the virtual one : everything I see, everything I do online or offline that can be tracked by my Googloo glasses is automatically shared with my friends.  And every 100 actions shared using my real identity through Googloo, I get 0.1$ discount on any product I want!

isn’t it magical ?

I’m telling you : we’re all living for free in a free world my friends !

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2 commentaires pour We Will All Live For Free In A Free World

  1. Anonyme dit :

    one word : LOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL 😀


  2. @Yniim dit :

    I’m glad it made you laugh ! 😀
    That was the purpose



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